Official Gontiti Web Site
You can listen to various types of guitar sound that are played in CDs.

KAMAN Music Web Site
Gontiti frequently play Ovation in their lives. Mr. Mikami plays classical type guitar, and Mr. Matsumura plays Elite or Legend.

MusicLab Inc Web Site
I sometimes practice the guitar. I'd like to play adlib. because Mr. Mikami (Lead player) plays nice adlib in their lives. I think "Rhythm'n'Chords plug-in for Cakewalk" is good to practice adlib. If you set cord score, it accompanies. you don't need to play side guitar with MTR or something.

Ukulele web site by Mr. K. Sugiura

A lot of Ukulele craftsmen are introduced in this web site. It is Japanese web site. But you would have fan, since this web site has a lot of pictures.
It's famous that Mr. Mikami uses Chai Guitar. His bottega is also introduced here.
The paulownia ukulele that Mr. Matsumura is also possession of are introduced there.